sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

Pomegranate, Lemon and Ginger Water

Remember that ginger-infused sugar sirup I had left over from the ginger-chocolate cookies? 
This is what I did with it! 
 Also I went to the Ecomercado de Granada (more about that later)  and got  some beautiful and delicious pomegranates.


- ginger infused sugar syrup (or, if you did not make the cookies, or the candied ginger, just boil some ginger in half a litre of water and use that)
- honey or sugar to taste
- 2 pomegranates
- 1 lemon
- some mint leaves

Cut open the pomegranates and dig out all the little red gems, leaving behind the cream coloured skins and the peel. It is fiddly work but also somehow enjoyable.
Get them into a blender (or use a  hand held mixer ) and give them only a quick blitz, The thing is to separate the juice from the seeds a bit but not to chop up  the seeds.

Then, using a sieve and a spoon, finish the job and let the juice trickle into a jar, pitcher, jug, carafe, whatever you have on hand.

Add the juice of the lemon, the ginger syrup , some water, and taste. If you need more sweetness, add some honey.
Add some washed mint leaves, with their stalks if you wish.
Add ice if you want a cold drink.
That´s it!

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